Golight Part Number: 15433

Golight LED bulb - 36 Watt CREE LED light bulb - Replaces the standard halogen bulb in the Golight Stryker series spotlights. The spot configuration will produce a beam 900' in length by 70' in width.

36 watt LED configuration, producing 2520 lumens. 

Color:  White color is 6000 Kelvin 
Acceptable temperature range:  -20 to 40 C
Life hours: 50,000
Dimensions: The dimensions of this Golight LED module are the same as standard halogen radioray series lamp assembly. The new led bulb for the Golight Stryker series (3XXX) will fit perfectly into existing Golight Strykers using the same connector. Simply put, anyone can swap a standard halogen Stryker bulb for this led unit, it takes approx. 5 min to complete the swap.  The process is no different than changing the standard halogen bulb.

The unit is configured in either spot mode, and an additional snap on flood lens can be purchased separately.

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  • Item #: 15433
  • Manufacturer: GoLight Inc
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 15433
  • Condition: New
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